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L'autochtone is a documentary series directed by Barbara John and Shamm Bereket.

 Filmed by Barbara John in Abidjan, this series highlight artists and entrepreneurs's daily life in Côte d'Ivoire.

The goal is to present a positive narrative of Côte d'Ivoire and of the creatives living there, showing their daily life, their work, their difficulties and successes. 

As an experimental documentary, we choose to only put voice over and no front camera to be more immersive into the visual to discover their life. 

    Jazz Ivoire, traditional West African music with Steven Amoikon

For the third episode of L’Autochtone, we are delighted to introduce you to Steven Amoikon.

After completing his studies on a scholarship at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Steven Amoikon returned to Abidjan with a solid foundation that helped him discover his true musical roots.

His innovative band, The Komando's, takes us on a musical journey with their melodious improvisations that blend Ivorian culture with Afro-American inspirations.

This piece provides the multi-faceted artist with a chance for refreshing introspection, revealing the transmission of identity through parent-child relationships.

As we explore the artist's shared musical passion with his son, we bear witness to their special bond, built upon an apprenticeship that fosters a willingness to share, rather than pressure.

Their mentor, the master percussionist Bongo, also holds a significant role in this nurturing relationship.

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